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This life with kids

Oh, this life with kids … &  this is just the last week –

5am wake up call:

Last week, I was woken around 5am by this repetitive shooting noise… a sort of “kerpoow” sound & not only was I pissed that I’d been woken by an irritating sound, it continued every 30 seconds precisely.

Eventually, when it didn’t stop by 5:30 am & I really could no longer block it out, I went hunting around the house, searching it out.

Turned out to be Spiderman whose batteries had obviously run down & it was buried right at the bottom of the bath toy box.

So at 5:40am, there I was trying to turn the damn thing off & having no luck.

I decided my only option was throwing it out as far as I could into the garden & shutting the door. Finally there was silence.

I later furtively hid it in the garbage.

No more 5am Spidey wake up calls.


3am wake up call:

A few nights after the spidey incident I was groggily woken at 3am when I rolled into the middle of our bed & onto  scattered pile of “Vehicle Snap” playing cards.

A whole pack.

Spread out the entire length of the bed.

Clearly I sleep light & rarely enter that “no-man- land” between Kevin & I ( I know in movies most couples snuggle but I’m just too tired. I’m so sorry.).

I should have thought to check when I found a few rogue cards under my pillow when I got into bed.

At no point did I sensibly consider “hmmm I wonder where the rest of the pack are?”

Nor for that matter, did I consider “why are there snap cards stuffed under my pillow?”.

Next time I will think that one through.



A frequent near death experience – Mylo age 3:

“Mom!!! I almost died!!”…
“What? How?”
“I almost fell in the potty! Phew”




The wisdom of being 5 & 1/2 – Ethan age 5 (5 1/2 actually):

“Mom… did you know that when I was just plain old 5… NOT 5 and a half like I am now….

Well, when I was just plain old five, I didn’t even know what a Black Mamba was!!! Isn’t that crazy?!”


Gotta love ’em 🙂


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