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Inefficiently efficient or efficiently inefficient?

Arghhh, I am hopeless with this blog of late which makes me so sad, as so often I begin these delightfully witty pieces of whimsy in my head about all sorts of interesting topics of social commentary.

They begin as a thread in my mind & quickly spiral to something I love…on the way to drop off… on the way home from pick up… on the way to swimming… on the way home from kumon….

But never quite when I’m near the laptop or even a pen & paper.

The day just disappears it seems. They never quite take literal shape.

The crack of daylight appears through the blinds & right now, being winter time, being cosied up in bed with a four year old who somehow snuck in a few hours before & is nestled right down into you, “blanky” tucked in one arm, two fingers being vigilantly sucked (thumb sucker but two fingers instead) in that manner that is so familiar now….& it’s hard to get up.

But of course the next one soon appears.

I’m hungry. Can I have porridge? But don’t forget I want to mix the honey.

And you, Mylo?

I want yogurt & honey. No. Porridge. No. Toast. No. Is it a school day? Can I have pancakes?

And suddenly we are at – shoes on, have you got your lunch? Please wear a sweater I know you don’t think it’s cold but it is

Out the door, carline; drop off; run the errands (maybe a sneaky coffee stop en route); off to the next activity; playdate; lunchtime; return to tackle the “must-do” chores; and suddenly it’s pick up time again.

And then we get home from school…or swimming..or Kumon…or a playdate and it begins – the afternoon delights of tired kids –

Mom, can I have something to eat?

Only an apple. Or a banana. Or some watermelon.

Oh, I’m not hungry then.

Can we build a fort?

Sure – here’s the sheet. I’ll help you tuck it in & set up a pirate mast – how is that?

But it’s for racing cars.

Oh of course, silly me.

Peace for five minutes.

Soon followed by high pitched squeal and

“MOM!!!! Mylo bit me”…..

A quiet thump comes thereafter.

Mylo, please go to your room until you are ready to say sorry & play together, in your cubby nicely.

NOOOOO!!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!! (shouted with great force in my face).

Soon a remorseful – sorry Mum [this one’s still got the Kiwi accent on certain words]; sorry Ethan. I need a huggle

…. Five minutes later play resumes, I start the dinner & the packed lunch ritual only to be interrupted with one whooshing past in agitated angst/fear while the other chases, car in hand ready for high speed rocket launch.

And thank you Mylo. I will take that.

Hmmm homework; outside play (it’s cold & dark); engage with kids in a board-game which Mylo will destroy when he hits yet another ladder …or make a meal as they’re probably both hungry.

Apart from wanting to kill each other.

….And so it goes on until the part of day where actually sitting down at the laptop seems possible.

Kids are down, laundry folded, next load on, house pick up complete, urgent emails replied to…..and really I just want to go to bed, especially now it’s cold & dark. Read my book, escape into a show (just quietly I am addicted to the CW & it’s terribly good looking young characters) or daydream about design walls & other delicious features I want to fill my house with while I browse many a DIY blog.

And then I lie there going over what went well today & what didn’t. What will I work to do better in the parenting department tomorrow? The list seems endless some days.

Others it’s manageable.

I feel so inefficient  but look back & realize not once did I sit with nothing to do & wonder “hmmmm  what should I do to fill my time right now?”

In fact not once did I sit down except when driving – even the brief email replies I did whilst standing up, or in carline or while waiting at swimming – one eye typing, one making sure Mylo’s bey blade does not spin into the pool.

I will get my routine down one day. Will allot my time better. I will. After all – I did it once right? I once worked as a professional in quite the efficient manner.

Before I had kids of course.

Ah, bingo – that’s it – kids! Of course!

Still I wonder – am I efficiently inefficient or inefficiently efficient? Maybe it just depends on your perspective.

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