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The guilty truth..& my lack of apology for it

I have a truth to admit as to why I’ve not posted anything recently… well a few truths.

Here is my noble one where everyone can feel sorry for me & empathize with my lack of achievement in all aspects other than basic survival: We started the week with Ethan having a fever & followed it up with Mylo having croup & strep throat. As I type, both boys are now – one week on, lying on the couch rosy-cheeked with high fevers.

And we fly to New Zealand in 4 days.

But here are my other truths:

I am completely addicted to –

1) Downton Abbey – I just want to be in the romantic lifestyle – literally transport myself… so that I am genteelly descending the stairs for my breakfast tea & toast over the morning newspaper – whilst it’s served to me; pondering a day jaunt to London whilst I slowly peruse the estate gardens. arms linked with my husband as clearly we have nothing terribly pressing to achieve…. have my handsomely traditional – yet progressive husband lean down & romantically whisper such lines as “I will love you till my very last breath” – (yes Matthew did actually say that to Mary).

Ahhhh my heart is physically sighing (I am trying desperately to immerse myself in the memory of the scene as Cars 2 blares rudely in the background as I type).

2) I am hooked into “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry.

So there it is – I’ve had kids home all day, thus my daytime moments have been drowned in the eternal black hole that sick children seem to create during their invalid state at home…. and at night, shame on me, I am burying myself deep under the covers now winter is upon us – with my watch-mate beside me (aka Kevin), remote on hand asking – “one more episode – shall we? Or we should save it?” & with that,  the vortex that is Downton Abbey has sucked the productive life out of me.

Or “A Fine Balance” has done so with equally the same power.

So there it is, I admit it – I have chosen completely selfish indulgence over posting.

However – 4 days from now we fly to New Zealand – our place of origin. Not sure if it is “home” or not anymore…. I always get a bit confused on that point & thus another posting topic is there – on the horizon.

I hope to come to some sound decision on that issue of “home” during our Christmas visit & shall regale you with entertaining stories (I hope).

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